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Keeping Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic


We’re all a little bit scared and worried about COVID-19 and what’s happening in the world. To help you out during this emergency, we’ve put together a shortlist of things to do to stay safe. Follow this guidance, and you can protect yourself and those you love:

Stay home

Don’t leave the house unless you absolutely have to. Try and order your food online, but limit any trips to the grocery store to once per week if you can. The less time you spend outside, the safer you will be.

Distance yourself from others

The WHO dictates that you should maintain at least one-meter distance between yourself and another person. This is because the droplets that contain coronavirus can travel through the air and be breathed in if you’re too close. Seeing as many people have coronavirus but don’t exhibit any symptoms, it’s safe to keep a distance from everyone you see if you ever need to leave the house.

Wear a face mask

Also, if you need to go out for food or to walk your dog, then make sure you wear a face mask. Despite early doubts, research suggests that wearing face masks can significantly reduce your chances of contracting this virus. We stock FDA-approved KN-95 masks on our website, along with face shields for added protection. Covering your mouth/nose can stop you from breathing in the virus.

Carry hand sanitizer with you

In your home, you should wash your hands with soap and water if you ever touch something that’s come from outside – or if you’re returning from going to the shop. This will kill the virus if it’s on your hands. When you do have to go out, bring hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching things and before you touch your face. We sell plenty of hand sanitizer on our site for you to use.

Pay attention to this advice as it can keep you and your family safe during the coronavirus pandemic!

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