Emergency Blankets (4 Pk)

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The thermal blanket has multiple uses in a survival situation or emergency:

  • Emergency blanket to prevent heat loss
  • Emergency waterproof shelter
  • Emergency sunshade
  • Signaling
  • Emergency tent or sleeping bag liner
  • Ground liner
  • Collecting rain water


  • SURVIVAL BLANKETS: Pack of 4 emergency blankets for use in a survival situation or emergency. Thermal insulation keeps the heat in and helps to prevent hypothermia in low temperatures. If you become stranded outdoors an emergency blanket could save your life, it’s an essential tool to add to your survival gear or emergency supplies. Perfect for hikers, campers, hunters or those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Add them to your bug out bag or survival kit for peace of mind.
  • THERMAL INSULATION: The space blankets are made from Mylar material which was first developed by NASA. It’s a powerful insulator and reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. The solar blankets trap warm air pockets and keep them around your body to prevent heat loss. With several blankets you can use one to line the ground underneath you for greater insulation. The Mylar blankets are waterproof, rainproof and weatherproof. They will keep you warm and dry in an emergency situation.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The tear-resistant material is high quality and durable. The generous blanket size easily fits a big and tall framed person of above 6 ft. The super lightweight design is so easy to carry, simply add one to your outdoor backpack or purse and you’re good to go! If you become stranded outdoors the blankets can also be used to make an emergency shelter or signal for help.

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Survival Gear

Survival Gear

4 reviews for Emergency Blankets (4 Pk)

  1. gilad

    Four emergency blankets are packed in nice portable case which seems like is made of nylon so there might be a waterproof aspect in it as well. They are excellent for any group hiking, any trip to wilderness or to keep in in car. Never know what situation you gonna face, this definitely might help you and your family. It’s gives extra peace of mind. I can see also use as a emergency backpack in case of emergency in countries with higher risk of natural disaster like earthquake, tornado, flooding etc. Your life might depend on it.

  2. gilad

    This pack of 4 emergency blankets is perfect for my needs. It comes with a little but loud whistle, clip/hook, and compass on the bag. Each blanket has its own separate bag. The blankets had no odor. After opening it, with 2 people, we were able to fold it and put it back within the supplied bag. Each blanket and bag is lightweight. I feel a lot more prepared for my hikes.

  3. gilad

    I ordered these for our emergency kit to keep during long road trips, just in case we’re broken down or stranded for a time. The blankets are well-packed in their zipper bag and ready to go into the emergency kit, taking up a minimum of space.

  4. gilad

    Great that this comes in a pack of 4 in one pouch. I also like that it comes with a compass.

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