Emergency Shelter

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  • Emergency shelter: 7.9’ length x 5’ height
  • Emergency whistle
  • Survival hook
  • Compass


  • EMERGENCY SHELTER: The emergency tent is great for those unexpected situations. The tube tent shape keeps you warm and dry in difficult weather conditions. It’s completely waterproof and will withstand rain, snow and wind chill. The survival tent is lined with Mylar material which provides advanced thermal insulation and reflects 90% of your body heat back to you in a survival situation. The orange color ensures you stay visible and makes it easier for emergency services to locate you.
  • SURVIVAL ESSENTIAL: The life tent is a survival essential for hikers, climbers, backpackers, campers and anyone who spends time hunting or doing outdoor activities. If the unexpected happens it will keep you warm, dry and prevent nighttime hypothermia in a survival emergency. It makes a great addition to your bug out bag or survival gear so you can stay prepared. It can also be used as a bivy sack or back up tent if your regular tent becomes ripped, damaged or an emergency occurs.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The generous tent size easily fits 1-2 people inside. The compact and lightweight design makes the survival tent super easy to carry. Simply add it to your outdoor backpack to make sure you have it covered in an emergency situation. It comes in a convenient carry bag which allows you to roll up the shelter and store away after use. The emergency kit also includes an emergency whistle, survival hook and compass which are essentials for any survival situation

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Dimensions 16.26 × 9.8 × 8.9 cm

3 reviews for Emergency Shelter

  1. gilad

    I’m super impressed with this product. I wanted something small, lightweight and compact for fitting in our car for that “what if” scenario. Travelling in the winter can be unpredictable. Having narrowly been stuck in snow for many hours I wanted items with me that I could rely upon if the time ever comes.

    The packaging on the entire range is sleek and modern looking. Compact and lightweight.

    The internal content is a long length of cord and a large enough piece of Mylar sheeting to make a shelter For 1-2 adults. Bright for visibility in the event you’re lost.

  2. gilad

    This is a very good piece of emergency equipment to have in your camping, hiking and survival equipment.
    It comes neatly packed in a small drawstring bag with a small compass and survival whistle.
    It’s very compact and lightweight and would fit into your backpack easily , not adding much weight to your pack, it’s well worth taking on a winter hike in case of an accident where you might need an emergency shelter.

  3. gilad

    Its actually really nice to have for emergencies. Its not for everyday use but would be good for emergencies. Small and compact and can be attached to any bag with the carabiner.

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