Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Emergency sleeping bag: 6.9’ length x 3’ height

Emergency whistle

Survival hook



  • EMERGENCY SLEEPING BAG: The survival bag keeps you warm and dry in an emergency situation. It could save your life by helping to prevent hypothermia in a survival emergency. The sleeping bag has thermal insulation technology and is lined inside with Mylar material. This is the same material space blankets are made from, it reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. This enables you to stay warm in low nighttime temperatures or extreme weather.
  • SMALL & COMPACT: The emergency sack comes in a handy carry bag that is super small and easy to fit into your backpack. It’s so small and lightweight that you will want to take it with you everywhere! It’s perfect for hikers, campers, backpackers, hunters and those that spend lots of time outdoors. It’s also great to use as part of your vehicle survival kit for those that drive in the winter or go on long distance journeys.
  • DURABLE: The sleeping bag design allows for more efficient insulation than a standard emergency blanket and features reinforced seams. The waterproof material keeps you dry and protects you from rain or snow. It’s tear resistant and durable to allow for more than one use if needed. The orange outer layer is visible to emergency service personnel and makes you easier to locate. It’s a great to add to your bug out bag or 72 hour survival tools kit.
  • THE ULTIMATE SUVIVAL KIT: The emergency supplies kit includes the emergency sleeping bag, emergency whistle, compass and survival hook. It’s the ultimate survival kit for those unexpected situations if you become stranded outdoors. If there is an emergency, accident or your tent gets wet the emergency sleeping bag offers the perfect solution. At 6.9’ long and 3’ wide, it’s large enough to fit a big and tall person of over 6 ft. comfortably inside.

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3 reviews for Emergency Sleeping Bag

  1. gilad

    I hope I never have to use this emergency sleeping bag, but if I do, it could easily make a difference with my comfort, and possibly even survival.
    My day hikes can be long and strenuous, and I don’t want the added weight of a standard sleeping bag or a tent.
    This sleeping bag is super light and it requires very little room in my daypack. I can’t even tell that I am carrying it, so it’s perfect for day trips.
    Safely stowed in my daypack (along with an emergency tent) I feel like I would be pretty well prepared if I were ever to spend an unexpected night in the forest.

  2. gilad

    I haven’t used it yet simply because I got it in case of an emergency.
    When I’m stuck in my car or stranded hiking – these do seem to keep me warm and dry from the rain because of the good quality.
    I recommend everyone to have one of these and keep it in their car or hiking bag definitely.

  3. gilad

    This is a perfectly sized emergency sleeping bag for those occasions where you may need to hunker down out of some bad weather or if you require rescuing while out hiking. This is made of Mylar so it’s very strong and super thin and lightweight, it takes up barely any room in your bag so there’s really no excuse not to take it with you.
    It comes in a storage pouch and has a compass with carabiner clip and whistle. The carabiner it’s attached to is useful for attaching the bag to the outside of your rucksack. The whistle is very good though and quite loud.
    I have opened the bag up and got inside. I’m 5.8’ and managed to get in no problem.

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